quinta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2007

Apresentações da Ágora Bracarense no "Yes Network Project"

Durante a Primeira Fase do Yes Network Project, as associações representadas terão de fazer as seguintes apresentações:

1. Brief presentation by each participating foreign partner:

During this opening session, participant will have a chance to introduce themselves and their organisation. As most participants already know each other, this session will rather short. Yet, participants may use Power Point presentations if they wish.

2. Presentations by each delegation
Each partner will hold one single presentation covering all of the following topics:

- Youngsters and their needs/problems - the conditions of young people in each participating country (their major needs/problems). Particular attention should be given to the situation of youngsters with less opportunities and suffering social exclusion or being victims of intolerance/racisms; which the presenting organisation is trying to tackle
- Local public administrations and youth policies - the framework concerning youth policies adopted by local public administrations. Comparison between backward and more advanced situations guaranteeing respect for youth needs.
- Youth actors and their skills - Discussion and debates concerning the current competences/skills of the youth actors from the organisations involved in the YES network. Survey concerning the major weaknesses, strengths and needs they found during their work. Main problems and difficulties found by youth actors during the implementation of specific activities.

3. Direct exchange of experiences and best practices
Each partner will hold one single presentation covering “outstanding examples” concerning:

- Already developed or on-going projects/activities for young people related to the promotion of youth policies;
- Partner’s experience with previous EU projects: Difficulties found in searching and obtaining exhaustive and relevant information, possible attempts made to bring the youngsters themselves closer to those programmes, etc.;
- Competences/methodologies of the actors/managers of youth associations in the implementation of their activities in the youth field;
- Already consolidated international networks (to be possibly included in the YES network in the future);
- Optimal communication tools adopted;
- Possible studies, training programmes implemented.

4. The “YOUTH” Programme - exchange of experiences with the 2000-2006 programme
Each partner will hold one single presentation covering the following topics:

- Experience with the “Youth” programme in the 2000-2006 programme
- Strengths and weaknesses of the programme with specific reference to its ability to respond to the needs/problems of the young people.
- Aspects of the programme regarded as negative and which should be improved in the next programming period.

Neste sentido, a Ágora Bracarense iniciará a elaboração das suas apresentações na próxima reunião de dia 20-Janeiro-2007, prosseguindo o trabalho de forma regular na semana posterior e até à Reunião Inicial em Itália, a 1-Fevereiro-2007.

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